The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Running Your Internal 3D Printing Shop

When was the last time you processed a new work order and thought, Wow, that was easy?

It’s probably no secret to you that running an internal 3D printing shop and managing orders isn’t always a walk in the park—there are frustrations and inefficiencies for you, the shop operator, and for the engineers and designers who order from you.

Those challenges can take many forms, but the bottom line is this: the current (typical) workflow for internal shops is too manual.

We estimated all the waste this process causes and, for the average shop of one operator and about ten engineers and designers, as much as $15,000 and 10-20% of the operator’s time gets wasted on inefficient order management.

When you look at all the pains, challenges, and waste inherent in the typical shop management process, it’s obvious there has to be a better way. And that’s where an internal work order management solution comes into play—a solution like GrabCAD Shop.

This whitepaper offers everything you need to know about our cloud-based production management software, GrabCAD Shop, and how to start and run your own internal shop, including:

  1. How GrabCAD Shop benefits internal 3D printing model shops, university and high school shops, and commercial shops.
  2. Info on preparing for, and getting started with, your own internal shop
  3. A detailed tutorial on how to set up a new shop (plus best practices for starting and running it)
  4. Tips and next steps for putting your new shop to work


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