5 Easy Steps to Evaluate Workbench

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5 Easy Steps to Evaluate GrabCAD Workbench

1. Install the Desktop Client or SolidWorks Add-in

The desktop client and SolidWorks Add-in let you synchronize the files on your desktop with the files in the cloud.

2. Create a project and sync your desktop files

You decide when to sync the files between your desktop and the cloud.

3. Invite other collaborators to your project

Workbench makes it easy for both CAD users and non-CAD users to be certain they have the latest version, as well as make comments and markups on the model.

  • Invite a non-CAD user and have them use the browser-based CAD viewer.
  • Ask your collaborator to sketch right on the 3D model using Workbench’smarkup tools.
  • Leave a comment for your collaborator and suggest they respond
  • Ask a CAD user to install the desktop client and make a change to a file.

4. Make a change to a file and sync it

Version control is the key to successful file management, and Workbench makes it easy to lock files and track versions.

  • Sync your files then make a change to the model and sync again. Note that the version number of the file has changed in the online project.
  • Use the “Version Compare” button to compare the changes made to the new version from the previous one.
  • Right click on a file to lock it then ask your collaborator to try to make a change. Note that they get a message warning them the file is locked.
  • Click on the version number next to the file name and download a previous version.
  • Right click on a file and make a new Revision.

5. Create a Partner Space

Publishing your files to selected partners gives you control over who sees what.

  • Right click on a file and select “Add file to Partner Space”
  • Click on the Partner Space you just created an invite a partner
  • Ask the partner to confirm they can only see the files in that Partner Space 

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