Move your CAD to the Cloud

Move your CAD to the CloudMove your CAD to the Cloud 2

You know that it would be smart to move your CAD files to a place where everyone can access them, from anywhere. The Cloud makes that possible for your company. Who wouldn’t want their team to be more efficient, collaborative, and cost-effective? The trick to a successful transition to the Cloud is getting everyone - engineers, management, and partners - using the solution that you choose. And, it’s possible with the right planning.

Assure your partners that they’ll benefit from smoother communication and will always have the right file when they need it. Explain to your managers that it’ll be easier to meet deadlines and that the team will get out of each other’s way. Show engineers how their everyday tasks will be more focused on CAD and less on process and documentation.

Is it that easy? You can get through the challenge of introducing change, and get to the benefits faster, when you explain to everyone involved how they will experience meaningful results and exactly what the change means for them. No matter what role a person plays on your team, they’ll need a little help getting started. And, it’s worth the effort because the better adoption you get from your team and partners, the more powerful the results will be. This guide will help you get the most out of the ease, efficiency, and speed that the Cloud offers by detailing how to bring your engineers, senior leadership, and partners to the Cloud, too.

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