Best Practices: Setting Up a 3D Printing Shop

A poorly organized shop can waste time and lead to expensive accidents. In addition, the average shop of engineers and one operator wastes $15,000 a year updating Excel documents, communicating via email, and getting lost in order paperwork.

GrabCAD Shop eBookWith all the pressures listed above, it’s no surprise that these pressures lead to poor communication and workflow. We at GrabCAD understand these problems and all that goes into running your shops. Between managing employees, to managing work orders, to managing all the 3D printers – there’s a lot to juggle in a single day.

That’s why we created this eBook.

This eBook will provide best practices on how to run your 3D printing shop:

  • How to organize your workspace
  • How to choose a work order management software
  • How to improve workflows with departments and employees

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A 3D Printing Management Software like GrabCAD Shop can rid shop owners of productivity pains. GrabCAD Shop helps simplifies the hassle of receiving and requesting, tracking, managing, and fulfilling work orders by providing a seamless all-in-one workflow solution.