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  • The Buyer's Guide for Product Data Management

    The Buyer’s Guide for Product Data Management

    Here, you will find guidance on the criteria to consider when selecting a PDM system. It includes information on the fundamental capabilities, which represent the table stakes for any PDM system. However, it also details the newer innovations that address new organizational needs and capabilities enabled by broader advances in Information Technology. Lastly, this guide provides a framework that can be used to compare and contrast PDM systems, aiding your final decision. How to Use This Guide and Worksheet This guide, along with the accompanying worksheet, is meant to be used together to assess and select a PDM system for your organization. Here you’ll find more specific instructions on how… Read More

  • Case Study: SolidWorks Users Find an Alternative to EPDM

    Case Study: SolidWorks Users Find an Alternative to EPDM

    Company: HemoSonics Industry: Biotech Results: Saving time and money with organized files Better feedback from vendors and consultants Accessing and presenting designs on the road Workbench saves us time during the design process and money during the prototyping process because there is no confusion about file versions or whether they are up to date. Andy Homyk and Tim Higgins, Mechanical Engineering at HemoSonics HemoSonics needed better CAD file organization and revision control for product development. As SolidWorks users they looked at EPDM, but it was too expensive, labor intensive and complicated for their needs.

  • Tech-Clarity's Expert Guide to Basic CAD Management

    Tech-Clarity’s Expert Guide to Basic CAD Management

      Engineers and their companies can’t afford the continued risk of unmanaged (or manually managed) CAD data. At the same time, traditional PDM and PLM solutions have been too much for many companies due to cost, complexity, and a lack of IT resources. So how do you decide the right solution for you? Jim Brown, president of independent analyst firm Tech-Clarity, has written a guide to help. Learn more about Workbench

  • PDM for small SolidWorks teams – webinar

    PDM can be overkill for small teams. But without PDM you face the risks of losing track of your CAD models, over-writing models, and having users working on the wrong version of a model. So how can your team move from email and FTP to a PDM system that makes sense for Solidworks users? In this presentation you will learn: Drawbacks of solutions like email, shared servers, FTP and full-scale PLM solutions. Why companies are moving to cloud-based PDM solutions that offer core PDM functionality without the need for IT support.   Learn more about Workbench

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