Leadership team

  • Hardi Meybaum

    Hardi Meybaum

    CEOHardi's background is in manufacturing, as an engineer, consultant, CIO and ERP Team Manager with a strong combination of IT, sales, marketing and finance skills. Hardi holds a MSc in production development from Tallinn University of Technology. When not plotting how to bring the world's engineers together, he spends time with his two daughters and teaches his Dachshund Fix some soccer.

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    • Skype: hardi_meybaum
    • Twitter: @hardi_meybaum
  • Jon Stevenson

    Jon Stevenson

    VP of TechnologyJon enjoys building great software products for mechanical engineers. Jon has served as the Executive VP and General Manager of CAD at PTC, the Managing Director of Shape Data (the developers of the Parasolid solid modeling engine), the VP of Engineering at Computervision and the Senior Director of Development at Unigraphics (now Siemens PLM). When not making software Jon enjoys cycling, skiing and not being indoors.

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  • Rob Stevens

    Rob Stevens

    VP of MarketingRob graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company but has spent most of his career helping startups like FreeMarkets (acquired by Ariba), Kiva Systems (acquired by Amazon) and Backupify market and sell their solutions. Rob spends his free time helping his children to build things with Legos.

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  • Armen Zildjian

    Armen Zildjian

    VP of Sales

    Armen Zildjian joined GrabCAD from LogMeIn, where he helped grow the team from startup to public company in a variety of sales and marketing roles, most recently VP Sales & Marketing, EMEA. Prior to LogMeIn, Armen amassed over 15 years experience in software sales including Sophos, Inc. where he implemented the global retention strategy. He holds a B.A. from Framingham State College. In his free time Armen enjoys golf, cycling, playing with his 2 children, and working on Antique cars.

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  • Grant Thomas-Lepore

    Grant Thomas-Lepore

    Director of Products

    Grant is a bit of a 'Renaissance man' who balances engineering expertise with a keen visual eye. Experienced in CAD manufacturing, software dev, and rendering, Grant led the Product Display team at Gemvara. He holds a patent and a BSE degree from University of Pennsylvania. When he's not coming up with creative product features, Grant can be found playing competitive ultimate frisbee, backpacking, or skiing.

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  • Amos Benninga

    Amos Benninga

    Chief Architect

    Amos has spent most of his career building software products and teams including work at Chromatix (acquired by Lucent) and Bladelogic (acquired by BMC). When not at work - Amos likes hanging off cliffs while rock climbing.

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  • Stuart Reid

    Stuart Reid

    Director, UK

    Stuart loves technology, teamwork and making stuff that matters. After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he took up a career in software development, first at Shape Data, then at D-Cubed, then at SolidWorks, where he served as Director of Systems and Graphics, then Development Director, Interoperability. In his spare time, Stuart is learning how to dance salsa and ride a unicycle, but not at the same time.

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  • Renno Paat

    Renno Paat

    Director, Estonia

    Renno enjoys building software of the highest quality, running QA in addition to managing our Tallinn office. Experienced in automated testing of many types of systems, he comes to us from Microsoft/Skype where he ran a QA team focused on keeping 600 million people's communication running smoothly. He spends his free time with his family, riding his motorcycle, and spinning fresh tracks as a DJ.

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  • Sara Sigel

    Sara Sigel

    Community Manager

    Sara wants nothing more than to help the GrabCAD community thrive and grow. She loves listening to and learning so send her your feedback and introduce yourself. Sara wants to help engineers meet both online and offline to share, collaborate and ultimately build amazing things. She enjoys running around soccer fields and is most passionate about bringing the half time snacks.

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  • Blake Courter

    Blake Courter

    Director of Product Strategy

    Blake has dedicated his career to making engineering more efficient, fun, and team-oriented. Blake started his career at PTC, where he created new CAD tools to assist with conceptual design and components to solve interoperability problems. In 2003, Blake co-founded SpaceClaim, Inc., a CAD company whose direct modeling paradigm heralded a new generation of solid modelers. At GrabCAD, Blake is focused on turning engineering data management into an amazing, enjoyable team experience. Outside of work, Blake is usually found reading math books, producing art from code, and occasionally playing the banjo.

  • Marc DiGregorio

    Marc DiGregorio

    Director of Customer Success

    Marc has worked in many areas of the CAD world, including being an early employee at SolidWorks, where he held a number of roles. He holds an MBA from Northeastern University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Outside of work, you’ll find Marc working on home improvement projects or at the playground with his family.

Careers at GrabCAD

GrabCAD is looking for experienced, well-rounded and enthusiastic people to help design, build and deliver our CAD collaboration platform - apply now.

GrabCAD story

Back in 2009, two young Estonian mechanical engineers noticed huge problems with their industry. No good library of CAD parts and assemblies existed, it was difficult to find talent, and it was a real pain to work with other engineers. Hardi Meybaum and Indrek Narusk started GrabCAD with the core belief that by embracing new internet-based technologies, they could radically transform a stagnant and old fashioned industry. They envisioned new forms of collaboration and openness to help mechanical engineers around the world save loads of time, stay super organized and have more fun.


Hardi and Indrek began building their dream. With only two mechanical engineers painstakingly coding a website in PHP, the first weeks of GrabCAD were slow. Suddenly, mechanical engineers from around the world noticed GrabCAD and started uploading their CAD models. In 2011, Hardi and Indrek decided to move headquarters from Tallinn, Estonia to Boston, USA to benefit from one of the hottest start-up scenes in the world. The GrabCAD Team had to grow to quickly build the tools and features Hardi and Indrek knew were needed to simplify and advance the multi-billion dollar field of mechanical engineering. GrabCAD is on track.

Ultimately, we are making the world a better place by crushing the status quo in mechanical engineering. To scale the online engineering community and build great tools for engineers all around the world, we are always looking for amazing people to join our team. If you are amazing and want to be part of something special, GrabCAD could be the place for you to learn and grow.



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